i think you can have an SD and it just be a professional relationship rather then physical :), have you tried looking ?

hmu if u wanna be my sd

How can someone buy you some ? im across the country lol :(

kik meee @ maralikescats

can’t wait until I’m 18 i want a sugar daddy

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i want to feel like a home again but i am just a rundown house  (via solarescapism):
i feel like an abandoned house.
once, i was new and clean and admired
and someone lived in me.
but i suffered a home invasion that ended with gunshots and robbery of everything important i had inside of me.
suddenly, i was alone and cluttered with the old things that belonged to someone who no longer exists
and eventually, i noticed the grass was getting too long.
and my paint was chipping.
i swear i still feel footsteps in my halls.
it’s getting cold again and no one’s around to turn up the heat,
i can’t do anything about the spiderwebs.
there have been a few wanderers who’ve busted my windows in search of a place to close their eyes, but no one’s stayed.
i know there are rumors of my being haunted;
i can feel it in the cowering children walking past me on the cracked sidewalk and in the teenagers who visit late at night in october but only get to my front door.
and maybe i am.
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i love abandoned houses i love the way they make u feel and the thoughts they bring i love when they’re overgrown and i love when i can see little spiders living there it just makes me so happy

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